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Intimidator Oklahoma


Intimidator Oklahoma is an authorized dealer for the Intimidator UTV line up. We are family owned and operated with two locations to serve the growing demand for these World Class American- Made machines. The company's expanding line of UTV products includes the Intimidator Classic, Intimidator Crew Cab, Intimidator Truck, and the Intimidator Electric Classic Series.  Intimidator utility vehicles are built to suit a variety of needs-from hauling feed to hunting, to off-road recreation and more.

Introducing the all-new American-owned, American-made 2016 Intimidator 800 (available in Classic and Crew models— Base and XD4 packages available)—perfect for work, hunt, and play.

Take speed to a whole new level...reach up to 60 miles per hour with the new 65 horsepower 800cc gas engine. The new liquid-cooled (4-stroke, 8-valve electronic fuel injected) power plant brings more horsepower and speed to the already tough Intimidator lineup.

The 2016 Intimidator is a TRUE 3/4 ton UTV— with a stronger American steel frame, larger spindles, larger brakes, and larger wheel bearings than any other UTV on the 

The torque-optimized 2016 Intimidator 800 delivers class-leading towing and cargo capacity, giving you the ability to haul just about anything. With shift-on-the-fly 4WD and locking differentials—the tough American-made Intimidator was designed to provide our customers with the best machine for work, hunt, and play.
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